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Application Process

We have kept our application process simple. There’s just a three-step process to complete. You will not need a cover letter, but we’ll ask you to complete three questions, which will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest in the FMCG sector and, in particular, your interest in finance.

NB. If you have additional requirement during the selection process due to a disability, please highlight this in your application form and we will call and discuss further with you.

Diversity and Equality

Everyone’s different. That’s a good thing. With a diverse team of people, we can create new ideas and a richer working environment, and continue to innovate and grow.

We’ll ask you to complete a short diversity questionnaire on your online application form. We’ll only
use this information for monitoring purposes, to ensure we treat people fairly.

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The Group

Why we work, and the way we work.

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Business Strategy
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Vision and Values

Why we work, and the way we work.

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Finance Programme

Please apply for the Finance Graduate Programme here