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Sustainable supply sources

Sustainable Sources

We believe an ethical supply chain is a sustainable one. Finsbury Foods is a long-standing member of Sedex, an organisation for promoting improvement in responsible and ethical business practices in supply chains. Sedex monitors our ethical performance and that of our suppliers. Currently 70% of our suppliers are also members of Sedex, and we would like to raise this figure to 100%. We support British suppliers and buy British-made ingredients wherever possible.

Operating in the retailer own-brand sector, we comply with our customers’ varying sourcing strategies. We also work with our own suppliers to ensure we meet the highest standards of animal welfare, and audit them regularly to ensure this.

We work with suppliers to ensure we have long-term supply sources of all our main ingredients, and agree long-term contracts with primary agricultural producers, where appropriate, to achieve this. Working with a broad range of suppliers, and monitoring their risk assessments and continuity plans, ensures our security of supply.

Finsbury Foods has been using the Green Palm certification scheme for palm oil for four years and we are moving towards ensuring all our palm oil is from fully sustainable sources, by segregation or mass balance. Finsbury Foods are members of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) and several of our sites are RSPO certified.

Working hand in hand with our customers, Finsbury Food Group has set the goal of ensuring that eggs are only sourced from cage-free hens for all its products by 2025.

Finsbury Foods is a major supplier of retailer own brand and licensed brand products and as such we are required to comply with our customers’ and brand owners’ standards in relation to egg welfare. Most require us to use cage free eggs in many of their lines already which means that the majority of egg products Finsbury Foods source are cage free.