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Nicholas & Harris

Nicholas & Harris (N&H) bakes speciality bread, rolls and buns for the major UK supermarket, and foodservice customers. With around a quarter of its sales organic, it is potentially the largest baker of organic bread in the UK. It has been a craft bakery in Salisbury since the 1830s, and now employs 280 people. N&H’s mission is ‘to bring proper bread to the people of Britain’. The bakery uses traditional long-fermentation methods for making bread, and has a large team of fully trained and qualified bakers. Bakery capacity has recently been increased by 25%, and operational space by 60% to allow for more efficient distribution and future growth.

Within its portfolio, N&H has Vogel’s seeded bread, Cranks Organic and Village Bakery Rye bread, all of which hold niche positions in the premium bread market, Famous for hot cross buns, the firm hand-crosses and glazes over 30 million every year.